About Function

Function is currently the biggest Hungarian demoscene party; a 3-day computer-related event where fans of digital art compare their skills, exchange experiences and thoughts, and socialize in general.

We welcome both the "oldskool souljah's" of the scene and beginners likewise. Don't be afraid that you don't know anyone yet or already; Hungarian demoscene has been a friendly group that's happy to see comebacks and newcomers alike. Over the years, we were lucky to host guests from all of Europe, and next to the newcomers, we were happy to see numerous veteran visitors who haven't been attending parties for a long while.

If you're interested in a subgenre of computer technology which is mostly ignored by the public, then we'll be happy to see you at Function!

Location & Info

Date: October 3-5, 2014
Location: Kőrősi Csoma Sándor Dormitory - 1118 Budapest, Dayka Gábor Str 4
Entry fee: 2000 HUF (around 6 Euros)

Google maps is pretty accurate for public transport planning, but we have assembled a shortlist here, just in case.

Accomodations nearby: Hotel Rubin, Kapu Panzio, Hunguest Hotel Griff

This year the party is moving to a new facility, the shiny event hall of the Kőrösi Csoma Sándor Dormitory. The quality and size of the location is on par with the one of previous years, so you can expect the same cozy environment like thus far. Enough tables and chairs are a given, and there is a nice lounge area where you will be able to get drinks and food too. We'll also have a dedicated sleeping room, but you should of course bring your matresses and sleeping bags.

What to bring?

  • Your compo entry (optional, but recommended)
  • Sleeping bag and additional sleeping appliances, and also the required sanitary equipment.
  • Enough food and/or money.

Party rules

  • Alcohol consumption is allowed, but please be reasonable, overconsumption might ruin your own and others' fun as well. Any type of damage or offense caused due to that will not be tolerated and will result in the removal from the party.
  • Consumption and circulation of other drugs at the party place is strictly forbidden, and will result in immediate expulsion from the party.
  • Any type of damage will be forced to be paid by the culprit! If the person is unknown, we'll have to deduct the price from the party budget, which might endanger the future parties and the cooperation with the partyplace owners! Please take this very seriously.
  • Connecting kitchen equipment to the power network is forbidden. If this causes a power outage, you'll be held responsible by all the unhappy people...
  • Organizers are not responsible for any equipment at the party, anything you bring is your responsibility. Luckily we haven't had damage or theft at parties since a while now, and we'd like that to continue so.



Friday, October 3
16:00 Party opens
19:00 Outdoor cooking
20:00 Opening ceremony
20:00 Game development competition deadline
21:00 Game development competition
21:30 Demoshow: The Time Machine
23:30 DJ Set: DJ Emperor
Saturday, October 4
13:00 KÜRT Seminar
14:00 Music competition deadline
15:00 KILOO Seminar
15:00 Freestyle & Handdrawn Graphics and Photo competition deadline
16:00 GRAPHISOFT Seminar
17:00 Music competition
18:00 Freestyle & Handdrawn Graphics and Photo competitions
19:00 Wild Demo/Animation competition deadline
20:00 Live music: SIDRip Alliance
20:00 256 byte, 4kb, 64kb intro competition deadline
21:00 Demo competition deadline
21:30 Demoshow: Amigaaaaah
22:30 Wild Demo/Animation competition
23:00 256byte, 4kb, and 64kb intro competitions
Sunday, October 5
00:00 Demo competition
01:30 Voting deadline
02:00 Prizegiving ceremony
12:00 Party closes

Note: we can't let anyone in before Friday 16:00 and everyone must leave the place until Sunday 12:00.


Competitions are at the heart of every demoparty. Whether you are competing or not, compo nights are always atmospheric, inspiring, and entertaining.

Handdrawn graphics

Still images using any traditional handdrawn techniques, such as pixelling or freehand painting.

  • The entry archive should include at least 3 phases or steps of the creation process.
  • No animations are allowed.
  • Only one picture per artist is allowed.
  • If the graphic doesn't look handdrawn, it will be moved to the freestyle competition.
  • Pictures will be shown using XNView, any format that it can display is allowed. (Lossless PNG is preferred.)

Freestyle graphics

Still images created by any tool or creation method available, such as photo retouching or 3D rendering.

  • The entry archive should include at least 3 phases or steps of the creation process.
  • No animations are allowed.
  • Only one picture per artist is allowed.
  • Pictures will be shown using XNView, any format that it can display is allowed. (Lossless PNG is preferred.)



The competition of camera-twiddlers!

  • HDR and slight retouching is allowed (e.g. color correction and cropping), but the archive must in include the original, unretouched picture too, with EXIF information intact (or the original RAW file).
  • Only one picture per artist is allowed.
  • Pictures will be shown using XNView, any format that it can display is allowed. (Lossless PNG is preferred.)
  • Note: we will perform a quality preselection and only the best 15 photos will be shown at the compo! Please try to be original and creative - the Nth sunset and bug macro don't count as such.



Musical entries created with either modern studio techniques or oldschool trackers.

  • Playing time: 4 minutes. We'll fade out afterwards.
  • Maximum size: 10 megabytes zipped
  • Allowed streaming formats: MP3 and OGG. Also, please fill the ID3/OGGInfo fields if possible.
  • Allowed tracked formats: XM, IT, S3M, MOD
  • Only one song per artist is allowed.
  • Replaying application: Winamp for streaming, XMPlay for tracked


Game development

You make it, you play it!

  • Maximum size: 64 megabytes zipped
  • The game must not write on the hard disk, only inside its own directory.
  • The game should not have an installer!
  • You'll get around 3-4 minutes to play and present your game during the compo, otherwise we will play instead of you (consider that a threat).


Wild demo / Animation

Entries which don't fit into any other category. Short films, rendered animations, Flash movies, machinima, alternative platform demos.

  • Playing time: 10 minutes. We'll stop it afterwards.
  • If your entry is a video file, please use common formats like MP4 / MKV / AVI containers with H.264 / DivX / XviD video and MP3 / AAC / uncompressed audio.
  • If your entry is NOT a video file, consult the organizers before the deadline.
  • Only one entry per artist is allowed.


256 byte intro

256 bytes of coder mayhem, get the most out of a quarter kilobyte.

  • Playing time: 5 minutes. We'll stop it afterwards or when we notice it loops.
  • If possible, quit on a keypress, preferably ESC.
  • The entry must be one single file, not larger than 256 bytes.
  • The entry must not write on the hard drive.
  • Entries will be run from straight DOS.


4 kilobyte intro

4 kilobytes of visuals and sound packed together to create the ultimate coding challenge.

  • Playing time: 5 minutes. We'll stop it afterwards.
  • Entries must quit on ESC.
  • The entry must be one single file, not larger than 4096 bytes.
  • The entry must not write on the hard drive permanently.
  • Usage of the most recent, Win7-compatible Crinkler is recommended.
  • You can include a safe mode EXE in the archive, but if the compressed version of the intro doesn't run, we won't show the larger version.


64 kilobyte intro

Minuscule demos providing endless possibilities to show off in music, code and graphics.

  • Playing time: 10 minutes. We'll stop it afterwards.
  • Entries must quit on ESC.
  • The entry must be one single file, not larger than 65536 bytes.
  • The entry must not write on the hard drive permanently.
  • The usage of kkrunchy is highly recommended.



Have all the space you want for creating the masterpiece of the demoscene.

  • Playing time: 10 minutes. We'll stop it afterwards.
  • Entries must quit on ESC.
  • Maximum size: 64 megabytes archived.
  • The entry must not write on the hard drive permanently.

General rules

  • Productions can be entered on-location by uploading them via the party network.
  • Remote contributions via e-mail are allowed, but we won't safe-keep your prizes, if no one picks it up during the prizegiving.
  • The organizers reserve the right to remove entries from competitions. These entries won't be shown, won't be spread and won't be votable. In individual competitions this usually means preselection to avoid a huge amount of entries to be presented, in other competitions it solely means quality control and eventual compatibility problems. If your entry doesn't run on the compo machine, we'll do our best to help you to get it running though.
  • The organizers also reserve the right to merge competitions together if there are not enough entries.
  • Previously released material is not allowed. Covers, remixes and derivative works can only be entered with the consent of the original author.
  • For every entry we'd like to ask to include a FILE_ID.DIZ (a simple text file) in the archive, containing the prod's name and author, optionally the compo and party. (Note: Traditionally FILE_ID.DIZ's are 40 characters wide at most.)
  • The compo entry must be packed together with either ZIP or RAR (or the best packer on that given platform). We will not accept unpacked entries, and we will not pack your entry for you.
  • For PC compos, the latest DirectX end-user runtime will be installed on the compo machine.
  • By entering, you also agree on having your works uploaded to our website after the party and to various larger demoscene FTP servers (
  • The maximum resolution of the projector is 720p (1280x720), so please respect that and don't go over it, because it might result in your entry breaking.

Compo machines

  • PC: i7 - 3.4GHz, 16GB Ram, GTX Titan, SSD, Windows 7 64Bit
  • Amiga: A1200 + 060
  • C64: Stock C64, New SID, 1541/II
  • Android: nVidia Shield

Other platforms may be available on demand


# Name Group Country Prod?
189. Csaba Magyar Quince hu  
188. mudd hu  
187. Najdorf hu  
186. empe hu  
185. Lev hu  
184. Rita - hu
183. Eszter0203 BitTricks In hu  
182. Krpa Cyberlabs hr  
181. Codur BitTricks In hu  
180. Rizzo hu
179. Antiemes TBS hu
178. ProxyGear fr
177. kynu hu  
176. IVBela hu  
175. shaba AIArmy hu  
174. wintermute AIArmy hu  
173. Péter Diviánszky hu
172. booa hu  
171. HellMood DESiRE de
170. shaman exceed hu
169. vanguard Maelstrom hu
168. RGeri77 Fedoraproject hu  
167. [soulvoid] ErrorPort hu
166. elementbound hu  
165. copass hu  
164. hackid CG hu  
163. Joshi Szittyózium hu  
162. nap dilemma hu
161. aalberik hu
160. pRT hu  
159. Steel Brainstorm dk  
158. MELAN AstroideA hu  
157. lettiq nemzeti húsbolt hu  
156. richi hu  
155. peter hu  
154. Krax hu  
153. Deathowl hu  
152. Nyufu hu  
151. T.Marcell hu
150. dman Placebo and Blocktronics ru
149. HomeGnome uk  
148. Retroid hu
147. b8horpet hu  
146. winnetou hu  
145. Tisza ErrorPort hu
144. xandre1 hu  
143. aerellon hu  
142. Ewelina pl  
141. Łukasz pl  
140. robson exceed hu  
139. pezia hu  
138. reptile astroidea hu
137. GaBRieL cRiMS0N JiHaD hu  
136. santa hu  
135. sLINKy* mindwrkz_* hu  
134. adsr Lorraine Productions hu
133. basq TSI hu  
132. Artit SOPRESO hu  
131. Warholik hu  
130. mkovacs Lambda hu  
129. pohar HarDread hu
128. CCCPDAVID Function Org hu  
127. DBob hu  
126. BoyC Conspiracy hu
125. Murphy Exceed hu  
124. Agent11 hu  
123. zsolooo hu  
122. zui hu  
121. Gery SIDrip Alliance hu  
120. Chad SIDrip Alliance hu  
119. Werdy SIDrip Alliance hu  
118. NecroPolo SIDrip Alliance hu  
117. n3U2O hu  
116. Tobal Creative Crew hu
115. Chabee SRA hu
114. jazzkutya (nem hashtag) hu  
113. Pinczel Máté PRIOR GAMES hu  
112. Tamas Izsak hu  
111. joga fi  
110. metoikos THEMM, Jumalauta, yer mom va
109. Pazso Retrocomputers hu  
108. Mash Artex hu
107. metoikos hu  
106. B.Tamas hu  
105. Lacoste United Force hu  
104. Strepto Brain Control hu  
103. Bery United Force hu  
102. Trisch Rebels^Faces hu  
101. Hedi CyberCat ee  
100. viti hu
99. Horv hu  
98. Stewings hu  
97. ntr hu  
96. Spiikki Nalleperhe^Dekadence fi  
95. pacshu MPTeam hu  
94. tEDDYbOAR S!H pl  
93. eft kangooroo hu  
92. Terenc Transistor Core hu
91. gabba hu  
90. Rascy Dilemma hu
89. Eveangel Nalleperhe fi
88. Spiikki Dekadence^Nalleperhe fi
87. Mikron Byterapers fi
86. Spenot hu  
85. Olsen Los Angeles Lamers hu
84. thomas Smv hu  
83. Orphy Moonlight Studios hu
82. blueghost tbs hu  
81. Xylia hu  
80. anchor Therapy hu  
79. ThRuSh hu  
78. BazsuX hu  
77. bnc hu  
76. Puryx TBC dk  
75. b0n Primitive fi  
74. musk Brainstorm ro
73. Cly/Suva CyberCat ee
72. Alkaa hu  
71. response darklite no
70. Ger hu  
69. Megabyte Unsoft - C64 rulez!!!! hu  
68. TMC ROLE ^ CPI nl  
67. sarkiroka hu
66. T-101 Darklite fi
65. rawbits hu
64. Adolf Los Angeles Lamers ad
63. kronik hu
62. ConsolKing SceneKing Radio hu  
61. YADA hu  
60. Tazi Neurosis hu
59. tifeco hu
58. cc hu  
57. ente at
56. Travis Cybernetic genetics hu
55. ratman cj(?) hu  
54. Tomi HANGember hu  
53. wEZO hu  
52. torel hu  
51. Norbert Papp hu  
50. Mátyás Telcs absolute hu  
49. Slapec IR hu
48. -SP- LCE hu
47. DC-1 hu  
46. ern0 MCB^Vanguard^SocBrigade^LamerCrew^Absolute! hu  
45. Seeting duckDesign hu  
44. Cargo Singular Crew hu
43. ImpTimi ImpBirodalom hu  
42. Yume negyvenkettő? hu
41. RiaN Majic12, absolute! etc. hu
40. Maugli hu  
39. Madame de  
38. Damage hu
37. DeT0X DreamTrip hu
36. Zeal_ cybercat hu
35. wolfee hu  
34. D.Fox Digital Overflow^Paradise^TRBL de  
33. Zoom Conspiracy hu  
32. Chip Kangooroo hu  
31. ziona hu
30. slyspy united forza hu
29. poison Sinjgular Crew hu  
28. Vau hu  
27. Joe Singular Crew hu  
26. nagz hu
25. betasector crowngear hu  
24. Csiki hu  
23. Maxie ÜD hu  
22. DerHase hu
21. Vickey hu  
20. adt absolute! hu
19. Bonefish Reality hr  
18. ravezed LCE hu
17. teo fd ^ rbs hu
16. Houruck hu  
15. FcR_ hu  
14. Lucille Lunaticats hu
13. Feryx Lunaticats hu
12. elChY hu  
11. Envo LCE hu
10. Caiwan IR hu
9. picard exceed hu  
8. bkil hu  
7. remage fresh!mindworkz hu  
6. TrX DD^CnS hu  
5. Gargaj Conspiracy ^ Ümlaüt Design hu
4. Unreal Focus Design ^ Rebels hu
3. aha rebels, fresh!mindworkz hu  
2. Charlie Singular Crew hu
1. pasy fresh!mindworkz^rebels hu  


  • Graphisoft
  • Kürt
  • TMP Eventline
  • MD1
  • Viprinet